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Data warehouse and business intelligence solutions


Extracting transformation and loading of data from the branches of the institute and loading it to a central data warehouse.


implementing DWBI portal to all types of institutes including private sector, public sector and NGO.

fully customizable

Selling the customizable DWBI portal and DWBI ETL tool.

Training & technical support

Training and technical support for the solutions implemented by DWBI company.

Product Features

These features can be summarized by:

Responsive Design

Responsive portal, it can be viewed and used by any device smoothly.

Cost efficiency

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DWBI portal enables you to add extra components to suit your special business needs.

Simplicity or complexity

DWBI's modern, simple and interactive approach empowers users to access and blend all types and sizes of data. With a spectrum of increasingly advanced analytics, from basic reports to predictive modeling, users can analyze and visualize data across one or multiple dimensions as needed.


DWBI portal is designed to be deployable to all types of operating systems, and it is compatible with all types of database management systems.

Intuitive & collaborative user interface

Our clean design makes data fun to analyze by any user. Users can share reports with other users comment on them directly within DWBI.

Arabic-language administration

We know that software is often easiest to use in your native language. DWBI software can be used in Arabic or English, and our staff offers support in both languages.


We understand how important your data is to you. Our solution meets the most up-to-date security standards to ensure that your data is only viewed by the users you have authorized.

“Top management can take decisions easily”

Using the product

When you sign up for DWBI Solutions, you’ll follow two easy steps to use the product:

  • STEP 1: Data compilation & integration

Our team quickly customizes DWBI to compile the information you have. Next, with a click of the button, we extract, transform, and load (ETL) your numbers to a central data warehouse, delivering “analytics ready” data.

  • STEP 2: Create reports

Once your data is ready, you can run your own reports by logging into our online portal. Our system makes it easy for you to pull the data you want to analyze and present it visually. When needed, our service team can help you generate more complex reports.

Training & Technical Support
Our team is available to support you every step of the way. We provide training and technical support to your team when you purchase our product and are available for additional support as needed.


DWBI Solutions is committed to provide you a free pilot study based on your organization's data. To start the process of implementing DWBI solutions to your organization, kindly.

contact: dr.awad@dwbi-s.com


The price of the solution to your organization will depend on the number of reports and the type of reports your organization requires.


About us

Data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

We offer Data Warehouse (DW) & Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions for any institution with branches (e.g. governments, ministries, or any small or medium organization). These solutions integrate data from the branches of an institute to generate statistical reports. The generated reports support the decision making of the top management at institutes. We are special by having our own PortableETL tool that has the distribution and interoperability features of its components. This leads to many advantages, which are cost efficiency, extensibility, portability, centralized administration, Arabic administration and usage simplicity.

DWBI ETL and portal are effective tools for leaders of large businesses, governments, and non-profit institutions. Our products automate data extraction and analysis, making it easy for your organization to collect and understand your data, no matter how many different systems it is stored on. With a click of the button, you can gather data from various locations and software systems, transform it into a unified format, and load it into a central repository that facilitates the creation of the statistical reports you need.

Sample uses:

  • A central bank needs to gather data from all the banks in its country. Without DWBI Solutions, it collects data from each bank and reformats the data manually before analyzing it, a process that takes weeks if not months.
  • A ministry of education assesses data on student performance annually. Universities nationwide submit data in various formats. The ministry collects it and processes it manually before being able to access the information it needs.
  • Hotel reservation companies need to analyze data to show best selling rooms by month and amounts. DWBI aggregates the data of all reservation points of a certain company and generate statistical reports that show the required information.

DWBI Solutions has won gold-medal awards and recognitions worldwide, including SAS, Telekom Malaysia, and Sybase. When you choose DWBI, making data-driven decisions becomes easy, affordable, and quick.

“Top management can take decisions easily”